Creamy Mushroom Vego "Chicken"

  • Creamy Mushroom Vego "Chicken"

Creamy Mushroom Vego "Chicken"

Love Stroganoff, but looking for a vegetarian option?  We have created a modern classic featuring button mushrooms braised in a white wine sauce loaded with onion, garlic and herbs and served with Vegetarian "Chicken".  We serve as standard with seasonal vegetables.
  • Creamy Mushroom


  • Once ordered, we deliver your meals in cold storage boxes that will keep your meals cold for a couple of hours should you be at the gym or work. Orders placed by Monday 5pm will be delivered Thursday the same week; orders placed by Friday 5pm will be delivered the following Tuesday. Our continued growth will see more delivery days in future.

    We can deliver anywhere in Metro Melbourne to your home/office for only $15, for deliver to greater metro Melbourne (and eventually one day, surrounding suburbs) contact us via email to arrange times

    We are keen to provide you with the most affordable and simple solutions possible. This is why we want to partner with YOUR GYM to get meals delivered to you and your fellow athletes FOR NO DELIVERY COST! That’s right, if your gym partners up with us, we will deliver your meals to the gym during training hours for ZERO DELIVERY!

    Once inside, get them in the fridge and keep them below 4 degrees C and they will last in their atmospherically sealed containers for up to 7 days. Make sure you eat or freeze the meals before then (date is on the label)

    All microwaves are different. We aren’t going to go too deep in explaining that if you don’t heat the meal enough it isn’t safe and if you heat for 25 minutes it will be melted and burn your face off… We use a 1200 watt microwave to test the meals and the smaller sizes take about 3 minutes, larger need a mix at 3 minutes, then maybe 2 more. We can try and guess depending on meal size but it will depend on your microwave


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