Creamy Mushroom Nutrition
serving size  80g
energy 364Kj
protein 5g
fat total 5.1g
saturated 3g
carbohydrates 3.2g
sugar 2.4g
sodium 23Mg

*in addition to protein, carb and fat choices. This is nutrition from sauce

Carb Options
Rice (125g) 45g
Double Rice (250g) 90g
Brown Rice (125g) 39.8g
Double Brown Rice (250g) 79.5g

Protein Options

Chicken Breast
100g 27g
130g 35.1g
160g 43.2g
190g 51.3g
220g 59.4

Beef (Stroganoff)
100g 31.8g
130g 39.8g
160g 47.8g
190g 55.8g
220g 53.8g

Vego "Chicken"
100g 23g
130g 29.9g
160g 36.8g
190g 43.7g
220g 50.6g