Chicken Breast with Onion Gravy

  • Chicken Breast with Onion Gravy
  • Chicken Breast with Onion Gravy
  • Chicken Breast with Onion Gravy
  • Chicken Breast with Onion Gravy

Chicken Breast with Onion Gravy

This meal features tender Chicken Breast drowned in our rich gravy and caramelised onions.  We recommend this meal with one of our mashes.  Served with seasonal vegetables.
  • Onion Gravy
    Beef Stock
    Maize Flour
    Thyme (Dried)

  • Onion Gravy
    serving size  50g
    energy 54Kj
    protein 0.7g
    fat total 0.2g
    saturated 0.1g
    carbohydrates 1.8g
    sugar 0.7g
    sodium 156Mg

    *in addition to protein, carb and fat choices. This is nutrition from sauce

    Carb Options
    Mashed Potato (125g) 22.7g
    Double Mashed Potato (250g) 45.4g
    Mashed Sweet Potato (125g) 21.5g
    Mashed Sweet Potato (250g) 43g

    Protein Options
    Chicken Sausages Protein
    100g 30.2g
    130g 35.2g
    160g 40.2g
    190g 45.3g
    220g 50.3g

    Chicken Breast
    100g 27g
    130g 35.1g
    160g 43.2g
    190g 51.3g
    220g 59.4

    Rare Roast Beef
    100g 31.8g
    130g 39.8g
    160g 47.8g
    190g 55.8g
    220g 63.8g

    Lamb Backstraps
    100g 27.5g
    130g 34.4g
    160g 41.3g
    190g 48.2g
    220g 55.1g
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