Rob and Lou

A combined 22 years working in restaurants and with food, we have a thorough understanding of food and more importantly, how to make it delicious! Coupled with help from nutritionists, we are learning about what athletes need to maintain their training needs. Lou’s experience lies in cycling, Olympic lifting and ballet whilst Rob spent 13 years learning various styles of martial arts and has in the last 2 years, dabbled in powerlifting. Years spent training as a junior seemed so much easier and less stressful… because our parents prepared all of our meals, duh! Since having a child in late 2015 and pursuing careers in hospitality and counselling, we realised that preparing healthy, nutritious and interesting meals was becoming a chore and very difficult to manage.. until Rob’s coach (Alex Deken, South Melbourne PTC) asked for some meal prep. There weren’t very many meal prep options available that would 100% meet his nutrition requirements to perform at his optimum that also didn’t require him to sell a limb to eat week to week. That started the idea for eXplosive Custom Macros….


eXplosive Custom Macros

Since that fateful day in September when Alex asked for those first meals, we have since been supplying meals to many more clients at PTC, completely customised to their needs! This small bunch of lifters has since been loyal customers to XCM and have all been happy to tell us about how we have helped them hit their goals. Whether it weight loss, muscle gain, re-comp of body whatever you need, we can tailor meals perfectly to your needs. If you just want simple, ready made meals that are customised to your needs, we have a range of simple meals that can be adjusted to meet a variety of needs. Starting at around 30g of protein and ranging to 80g, our meals come standard with plenty of veggies, delicious sauce and options to add various fats to boost texture/richness/gains. A range of carb options including a completely no carb option! Our focus is making sure you reach your goals, whether its leaning out for a comp, putting on mass to increase power or just saving time to spend with the family on weekends, we are here to help!