A macro is one of 3 nutrients essential for running a human. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients.

Pick sizes that best fit your diet/lifestyle needs. There are a few apps available to break down your current diets and see what macros you are currently having and we can adjust from there. If you have no clue at all, shoot us an email and we can sort it together.

HUNDREDS! We have 15 sauces, up to 4 protien options per sauce, 5 carb options per sauce, add veggies, add fat, AND a section for you to type in any personal upgrades you might like (extra saucy, DOUBLE cheese etc) also, this is currently what’s available, we are new and not wanting to go silly! More coming as we grow with you!

We used our knowledge and connections from years in the hospitality industry to get fresh meat, seafood, veggies and dry goods delivered daily to our warehouse. This allows us to make sure your meals are prepared FRESH! You order, we cook, pack and deliver!


We keep our salt to an absolute minimum. Being aware that foods all naturally contain plenty of sodium, we boost the amount of spices, herbs and FLAVOUR as possible. Our idea is that adding salt to your meals once you tried them is easy…taking the salt out is impossible!

Meal Plans

We can certainly help. We aren’t qualified nutritionists or dieticians but we have an understanding of what athletes need to grow/lose weight. We can help you pick your meals based on simple info off you like age, weight, gender and training levels. Shoot us an email and we can discuss further

It depends on the creator and the product. All options are outlined on the product page, so look out for customization options there.


We are aiming to work along side gyms to get their clients on to healthy meal options. If your gym is associated with us, we will deliver to the gym as a pick up point FOR NO DELIVERY COST! Save money on delivery by dropping our details to your PT or gym management team and if they are keen, we can work together to help you!

Storage & Preparation

With the storage of cooked veggies and meat, it holds it’s moisture well until reheated. It will let some of the water out during its time in the microwave but if you ensure you either keep the container sealed or poke only a small hole in the plastic it will stay moist and not dry out. Just give the meat a mix and the sauce picks it all back up